Rated GG

Rated GG

Rated GG

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One of our signature dishes, the Rated GG is a flavorful twist on a Filipino classic—fried Galunggong.

Inspired by traditional Spanish sardines, The Rated GG consists of Galunggong fillets fried in olive oil and topped with browned garlic.

Here's Why You Should Try our Rated GG:

It's an Eye-Opening Treat for First Time Tasters

The unique flavors of this dish have changed many customers' perspectives on what Galunggong can taste like. Time and again, we've turned skeptical customers into self-proclaimed Rated GG fans.

It Makes the Perfect Companion for Our other Dishes

The Rated GG compliments just about anything on our menu. Enjoy it as a starter, as ulam, or even as a side-dish. Its garlicky flavors especially go well with our best-selling dish: the Sinigang na Corned Beef.

It’s Great to Share with Family and Friends

The portions of the Rated GG make it a great dish to share with your family and friends. You can even send it to your loved ones as a pleasant surprise. And as mentioned, it can be served as a starter, ulam, or a side-dish, so you’ll be sure that your loved ones will appreciate a serving of our Rated GG.